Child Death Overview Panel

Child Death Overview Panels have a responsibility to review all child deaths (from birth up until 18th birthday and excluding stillborn babies and planned legal terminations) normally resident in their area, as described in chapter 5 of Working Together 2015.


The Isle of Wight set up its own Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) from 1 November 2015, having previously been part of the 4LSCB CDOP. The CDOP has representatives from: Public Health (Chair); Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children; Designated Doctor for Unexpected Child Deaths; Hampshire Constabulary; Children’s Services: Education and Social Care; Isle of Wight Ambulance Service; Isle of Wight NHS Trust Midwifery Services; Coroners Office. Other professionals may be invited to give specialist advice when required.
The CDOP Manager and Administrator collect and review information about each child death. Each death is discussed anonymously at quarterly CDOP meetings with a view to identifying:
  • Any case giving rise to the need for a review mentioned in Regulation 5(1) (e) of the Local Safeguarding Children Board Regulations 2006
  • Any matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in the area of authority
  • Any wider public health or safety concern arising from a particular death or from a pattern in that area
The 4LSCB CDOP produces an annual report detailing any recommendations and lessons learnt during the previous year. The annual report is a public document and therefore it does not contain information that could identify an individual child or their family.
2016/17 4LSCB CDOP Annual Report
2016/17 4LSCB CDOP Annual Report Summary


CDOP must be notified within 24 hours of a child’s death. Any professional involved with the child should complete Form A and email this to A Form B will be requested from specific agencies and it should be completed and returned to the same email address. There are also further forms to be completed depending on the cause of death. The blank Form A can be downloaded here.

Rapid Response

When a child dies unexpectedly, a Rapid Response procedure is initiated by key professionals. This is a coordinated response to accurately investigate the circumstances regarding the child’s death and ensure the family is supported.

The 4LSCB Rapid Response procedure is available here.

Parents and Carers

An information leafet is available here.

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