Training and Events Programme 2018/19

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Course Attendance Fees:
The IOWSCB offer free training to their partner agencies. In the case of non-attendance or cancellation within 48 hours of an event a fee of £120 (per whole training day) will be incurred. This fee will be waived if a suitable delegate is sent instead.
Should a candidate be unable to attend a course or a suitable candidate cannot be found, please cancel the ticket via Eventbrite.
If you have any difficulties in completing this please contact us on 01983 814545 or
At each event there will be a register, it is the responsibility of attendees to sign the register as a record of their attendance.

How to Book:
Book your ticket through Eventbrite via the links provided in each training course below.

Please be aware that not all training venues/training rooms will be accessible to delegates before the start of a training course. We ask that should you arrive early please check with venue staff before accessing the training room.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
You may already be aware that the new data protection regulations (GDPR), about how organisations communicate with you and look after your data take effect from 25th May 2018. By booking onto this event, you are giving consent to receive pre and post-event materials including an evaluation survey. Your details will only be used to contact you via your email address for the purpose of providing this information. Once the evaluation survey has been issued, we will delete your contact details.
Why we collect your Information
The Isle of Wight Council is the organisation responsible for processing your information (the Data Controller). The Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Board (IOWSCB) would like to seek your feedback on its learning and training events. To be able to do this, we need your permission (your consent) to be able to store and use any contact details you provide to us. Although you may say yes now, you can withdraw your consent at any time. We will store your information within the Eventbrite application until we have issued a post-event survey, at which point, if we have not heard from you since you originally agreed to us contacting you, we will delete your contact details.
We will not share your information with anybody unless the law requires it.
Removing or updating your consent
As mentioned above, you can withdraw your consent at any time. To remove or update your consent, please email or call 01983 514545 or write to IOW Safeguarding Children Board, Jubilee Stores, The Quay, Newport, IOW, PO30 2EH confirming your name and email address so we can find you on our mailing list and either have your details removed or preferences updated as instructed by you.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
The Home Office has launched a free online training package dealing with female genital mutilation (FGM), developed with Virtual College. It will give teachers, police, doctors, social workers and Border Force staff the training they need to help them identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM. Read more here
Click here to access training
Parental Substance Misuse
This resource from the Social Care Institute for Excellence provides audio, video and interactive
technology to assist in exploring parental substance misuse, its effects on children and parenting
capacity and the implications for social work practitioners.
Click here to access the training
This resource provides a flexible way of learning more about the Prevent duty and what individuals and organisations in the FE sector need to do. Other education sectors will also find it useful.
There are modules for: Practitioners, Support Staff, Leaders and Managers, and Governors and Board members.
Click here to access the training
Seen & Heard
"At the heart of Seen and Heard is a video-based 60-minute e-learning module, built around the real experiences and stories of young people, told in their own words. One hour of your time could make all the difference"
To fin out more and Register to access the course click here
Virtual College
The Virtual College is an e-learning resource with over 50 online courses (all at Level 1 as defined by the Safeguarding Children Boards) available which cover safeguarding children as well as adults.
Courses are free to members and partners of the IOWSCB, HSCB and voluntary organisations.
A selection of courses on available are:
  • Safeguarding Children from Abuse by Sexual Exploitation
  • Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Introduction to Safeguarding
  • Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery
  • Safeguarding Children in Education
  • E-Safety - Guidance for Practitioners
  • Parental Mental Health
  • Domestic Abuse
A full list of the courses available can be found here.
To register and access the courses click here
Child Sexual Exploitation
This Kwango training course has been removed.
Please see the Virtual College e-training above where you will find a
Child Sexual Exploitation course available.
LSCB Conference
IOWSCB Annual Conference

"Growing Up Online"
Our annual conference provides professionals with the opportunity to obtain an increased knowledge and understanding of child exploitation online and to hear and debate various topics regarding the latest information, strategies and policies to prevent child abuse and keep children safe.
Attendees will have
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the risks and benefits to children of a life online from a local and national perspective
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of child exploitation online
  • An Understanding of how to assure children's good mental health while they access their online lives
  • An understanding and increased confidence in supporting children (and their parents/carers) in developing digital literacy and resilience on line
  • Increased understanding of what children themselves  think about their online lives, how  they keep themselves safe and what upsets them online
Date: Thursday 11th October 2018
Location: Cowes Yatch Haven
There is no cost to attend for partner agencies who contribute to the IOWSCB’s funding

The presentation slides for the annual confrence in 2018 and 2017 can be found on our Conference Resources page here

LSCB Training

Keeping Children Safe Online

The LSCB is running a 2 hour information session to inform both parents and professionals on what children are doing, accessing and viewing online. And importantly, what controls can be put in place to manage the risks (including internet, app and website settings)

Presented by Simon Snell, a former Detective Inspector at Devon and Cornwall Police, the session contains practical content and advice that will really make a difference.

Previous attendees have said:
‘A well presented course, very factual and appropriate use of ‘shock tactics’. Certainly food for thought”
“I am very impressed with the session”
“Really glad I came, have learned lots! Thank you”
“As a professional the session was useful and will enhance our parenting programmes in as much as providing parents with so much information”

Attendance is free and highly recommended
Tuesday 5th February 2019   -  Gatton & Lake Primary School, Shanklin, PO37 7DG
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm  **SPACES AVAILABLE**
To Book: Click on the date above
LSCB Training

Unveiling the psychology that underpins interpersonal trauma
and effective professional response to such

A FREE multi-agency training is open to all professionals/volunteers, being delivered by Zoe Lodrick and  a joint training event with the IOW Safeguarding Adults Board.

Training Course Description:
This full day course aimed at both the children and adult’s workforce aims to explore the psychology behind why people do not behave ‘logically or actively’ when faced with situations of intimate interpersonal violence and abuse. This includes the specific vulnerabilities of children, and especially teenagers, to sex offenders. Understanding how people behave when faced with threats, and how and why they become vulnerable to repeated victimisation, is crucial when working with victims of trauma and abuse. The day will finish with a section ‘help for the helper’ for professional who work with trauma victims, covering how to look after oneself, and colleagues, while being repeatedly exposed to traumatised people and adverse details of trauma.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will learn about:
  1. The Neurobiology of threat
  2. The impact of trauma
  3. Trauma Bonding
  4. The impact of working with traumatised people
Presented by:
Zoe Lodrick MSc BA Hons (1st) UKCP, Psychotherapist & Trainer

Dates: 23rd November 2018 - This course date has been held
Dates: 15th January 2019 This course date has been held
LSCB Training

Child Neglect
(Level 3)

Training Course Description:
An interactive, one day development workshop which will enable those who work with children and their
families, in a variety of settings, to recognise signs and indicators of children and young people who are, or
may be, neglected. Aimed at multi-agency practitioners and voluntary sector workers, with knowledge ranging from basic awareness to that of more experienced practitioners.

By the end of the session delegates will:
  • understand the concept of significant harm / neglect as identified in IOW and HSCB Neglect Strategy
  • be able to identify indicators of the four types of neglect and consider the significance of individual perspectives when identifying neglect and the implications for practice
  • have been introduced to a guide to recognising neglect in children
  • understand the concept of ‘good enough’ parenting
  • have explored issues of assessing parental capacity to change
Delegates must have previously completed the Virtual College E-Learning modules listed below, and must
bring certificates of completion to this training. Access to the Virtual College can be found under
E-Learning on this page.
  • Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect – Foundation
  • Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect – Core
Delegates must also be familiar with Hampshire's Neglect Strategy and Toolkit, links below:
Date:Tuesday 29th January 2019 - Course fully booked. Waiting list in place. 
Date: Monday 25th February 2019 - Course nearly booked. Waiting list in place.
Training Course Location: Riverside Centre, Newport
Training Course Times: 9.30 - 16.30
To book, click on the appropriate course date above
LSCB Training


Multiagency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
Information Sharing Event

(Level 1)

Training Course Description:

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) staff are running a training event for front line practitioners /managers who work with children and families. If you would like to find out more about the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and how it functions, as well as having an opportunity to have face to face contact with MASH staff and ask any questions about the referral process please book to attend one of the five sessions being offered.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To have a better understanding of the Children’s Reception Team (CRT), MASH, and Out of Hours Service (OOHS)
  • To have a greater awareness of processes when a referral is made to CRT, MASH, or OOHS
  • To improve the quality of referralsmade to CRT, MASH, OOHS

DateFriday 18th January 2019 - This course date has been held
Date: Wednesday 30th January 2019, 1pm - 4pm
Training Course Location: Council Chambers, IOW Council, Newport
To book, click on the appropriate course date above

LSCB Training

Harmful Sexual Behaviour
(Level 2)
Training Course Description:
This half day training course will provide an opportunity in which to explore and consider information and views in relation to Harmful Sexual Behaviour, displayed by children and young people.
Designed and delivered by:
Mandy Tyson: Head of Safeguarding and Designated Nurse, IOW CCG
Ali Robins –Named GP for Safeguarding

Learning Outcomes:
  • To be able to consider a range of views and values pertaining to sexually curious and/or active children and adolescents
  • To be able to identify concerns in relation to developmentally appropriate sexual behaviours
  • To be able to recognise what may be sexually harmful behaviour
  • To raise awareness of best practice in responding appropriately
To have undertaken Level 1 Safeguarding Children Training (available on the LSCB website)

Date: 15th January 2019 - This course date has been held 
Main Lecture Theatre, St Mary's Hospital  

LSCB Training
Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Children
Level 3
Training Course Description:
The aim of this course is to provide the participants with a greater understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Trafficking and Children who go Missing. This knowledge will increase the ability of those working in safeguarding to identify the risks, potential victims and those already subjected to CSE. It will also increase the ability to identify those at risk, respond to incidents and follow the referral process for Child Trafficking. The ultimate aim is to reduce the harm caused to children through CSE and Child Trafficking.
Presented by:
Simon Snell, former Detective Inspector, Child Exploitation Unit, Devon and Cornwall Police.
Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand what CSE and Child Trafficking is
  • To understand the vulnerabilities and be able to identify the warning signs and indicators of a child being a victim
  • To acquire an insight into the psychology of CSE and the grooming process
  • To gain an insight into the psychology of why perpetrators of CSE might offend
  • To explore the costs, challenges, myths and barriers to disclosing CSE
  • To understand and identify the trafficking models, to include both external and internal trafficking
  • To explore the recent statistics and research regarding the extent of Child Trafficking
  • To know the processes of referral at a local level from a child protection perspective, including how the National Referral Mechanism works and its implications
  • To gain an understanding of the legislation, benefits of disruption and early intervention
  • To understand the harm caused to victims, their families and society
Date: 28th June 2018  This course date has been held
Date: 6th February 2019 - Course full. Waiting list in place.
Training Course Location: Innovation Centre, Newport
Training Course Times: 9.30 - 16.30
Working Together to Safeguard Children (Level 3)
Training Course Description:
This one day course will provide an understanding to staff who regularly investigate and/or contribute to supporting children at risk of abuse and/or their families. This includes through multi-agency safeguarding procedures and assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of the child where there are safeguarding concerns.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Provide an overview of relevant legislation and guidance to include updates within Working Together 2018, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 and Local Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Children on the Isle of Wight
  • Refresh your knowledge regarding the categories and indicators of abuse
  • Outline other areas of abuse of children e.g. Peer on Peer abuse , FGM and County Lines.
  • Understand the risks associated with Domestic Abuse, Parental Alcoholism, parental Mental Health and Safeguarding Children
  • Identify the meaning of Think Family
  • Explain the role of Operation Encompass
  • How to measure the extent of abuse and neglect using the local thresholds chart for intervening with abused and neglected children
  • Understand the local process for referral and assessment of children
  • Understand the Step up and Step Down Process
  • Identify the risk assessment toolkits available such as the SERAF
  • Explain the Neglect strategy and the use of the Neglect toolkit
  • Understand the risks associated with children who go missing
  • Provide an understanding of mental health issues with children and how to support them
  • Recognise the guidance for Looked After Children
  • Understand how to share confidential information when a safeguarding concern arises
  • Recognise the role of the Local Authority Designated Officer
  • Identify changes in behaviour of children with disabilities as potential indicators of abuse
  • Identify the learning from local and National Serious Case Reviews
  • Explain the meaning of Whistleblowing and the Escalation Process
  • Understand the risks of radicalisation and your safeguarding duty regarding the Channel panel Process
Date:15th January 2019 - This course date has been held
Date:16th January 2019 This course date has been held
Training Course Location: Innovation Centre, Newport
Training Course Times: 9.30 - 16.30
Training Course

This course has
taken place
(Level 2/3)
Training Course Description:
The most important pre-requisite for this course is an insatiable professional curiosity. In particular, this should focus on
how we keep children’s needs at the centre of all we do, even when the adults’ interests are very compelling and attention grabbing. A willingness to acknowledge the challenges of working with neglectful, and often resistant, families is also an underpinning pre-requisite for joining this course.
Presented by:
Sue Woolmore - Sue has been working in child protection since 1986. Initially qualifying as a nurse and working in the
Leeds teaching hospitals, she later trained as a social worker. Sue has held professional roles at local authority, regional and national level, in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. 
Sue also has extensive experience of speaking to the press and media about safeguarding children.
Learning Outcomes:
  • To be able to explore strategies for maintaining a child centred and ‘authoritative’ approach with resistant families, without losing empathy and compassion.
  • To understand how to apply the thresholds chart.
  • To be able to recognise the characteristics and behaviours of families and professionals who are engaged in a ‘resistant’ relationship.
  • To be better equipped to recognise ‘disguised compliance’ in families, particularly where child neglect is a concern.
  • To understand the importance of attachment history in family behaviours.
  • To understand better the impact of fear and stress on infant resilience and survival.
  • To understand the crucial role of reflective supervision for frontline practitioners.
  • To be better equipped to wrestle with the question, “How long should we keep trying with this family?”
This course has been held
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Working Together to Manage Staff who Safeguard Children (Level 5)
Training Course Description:
The aim of the first day of this course is to provide managers with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities when managing staff who have a responsibility for safeguarding children. The aim of the second day is to allow managers to test their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding by engaging in a day of practical table top-based exercises. A challenging day but conducted in a safe learning environment.

Presented by:

Simon Snell, former Detective Inspector, Child Exploitation Unit, Devon and Cornwall Police.
Paul Northcott, former Detective Superintendent, Head of Public Protection, Devon & Cornwall Police

Participants must have completed Level 3 training and consolidated learning and be in a management role within their organisation.
Learning Outcomes – Day 1:
  • To understand the minimum knowledge requirements of their staff relating to safeguarding children
  • To be aware of the updates within Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015.
  • To be aware of the key legislation relating to safeguarding children and young people.
  • To demonstrate how information sharing is key to providing early help where there are emerging problems, and the relevant legislation and guidance that would support this.
  • To be aware of co-working on serious and complex child abuse investigations.
  • To understand the escalation process and how to use it to manage disagreements or conflict between organisations.
  • To be able to manage allegations against the workforce and identify the local protocol.
  • To understand the role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).
  • To be able to recognise how agencies must work together to assess, identify, review and meet the needs of children where there are safeguarding concerns.
  • To be aware of the factors that influence communication in multi-professional networks and how this can have a direct impact on the outcomes for children.
  • To understand the purpose of serious case reviews and their role in improving practice.
    To increase awareness around identifying, managing and defending risk and how this can help when overseeing, supervising and assessing the competency of staff, including the importance of reflective supervision.
Learning Outcomes – Day 2:
  • To gain sufficient knowledge about what a complex multi-agency case looks like.
  • To understand the role of safeguarding managers in a complex investigation.
  • To demonstrate the importance of good record keeping and understand disclosure from a legal perspective.
  • To establish the importance of sharing appropriate information and intelligence with an investigation.
  • To be aware of what a critical incident relating to safeguarding is.
  • To be able to develop, within a multi-agency basis, a response to the media.
  • To explore risk management from an organisational, victim, offender and public perspective.
  • To secure an understanding of criminal justice implications and the use of legislation.
This course date has been held                       
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Rapid Response to an Unexpected Child Death
(Level 3)
Training Course Description:
A two hour course which will focus on professionals roles and responsibilities when a child dies unexpectedly. It will provide an overview of the CDOP process and function and what warrants a Rapid Response and debate. The importance of information sharing will be discussed and case studies reviewed.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Professionals to have a clear understanding of process and expectations within their own organisation
  • Professionals to have a better understanding of the Rapid Response process and procedure
  • ALL professionals to be aware of the CDOP process, function and importance of notifications.
Presented by:
Dr Emma Blake – Designated Doctor for Children’s Safeguarding and Unexpected Child Deaths, IOW CCG
Stuart Barton – Detective Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary
Course aimed at:
  • Police (CAIT)
  • Ambulance staff
  • Education staff
  • GPs and Practice Managers
  • Children’s Social Care (Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers)
  • Midwives
  • Paediatricians
This training course has been held
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Family approach to substance misuse, mental ill-health and/or domestic abuse
(Level 2)
Training Course Description:
A training course designed to develop delegates’ knowledge of the interplay of parental substance misuse, domestic abuse and/or mental ill-health; its impact on children and families, how risk is managed and what support is available from different agencies to improve the outcomes for children and families.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define adult mental ill health, substance misuse and domestic abuse and identify the signs, symptoms and behaviours that can be present.
  • Confidently identify and assess the impact of those signs, symptoms and behaviours on parenting capacity and ability to meet children’s needs
  • Identify how the risk factors of parental mental ill health, substance misuse and domestic abuse co-exist within families and the implications for children where substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental ill health are present.
  • Use the IOWSCB Thresholds chart to ensure the child is supported at the appropriate level to keep them safe and assure their wellbeing
  • What sources of support are available locally and how to access them
This training course has been held
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Learning Workshop: 'Family G'
(Level 2/3)
Training Course Description:
A two hour workshop to explore the learning from the recent Serious Case Review ’Family G’, explore how agencies can work effectively together and receive LSCB updates.

Presented by:
Jane Leigh – Partnership Support Manager, IOWSCB
Kim Goode – Services Manager – Children’s Social Care

Learning Outcomes:
  • To consider the recommendations and learning from recent local SCRs
  • To explore the 4LSCB Joint Working Protocol (JWP) and Summary Document and how it can be used in front line practice
  • To explore the notion of a 'Family Approach' to services for children and adults
  • To receive Safeguarding updates from the LSCB on Neglect Toolkit, Supervision Policy, Bruising Protocol, Training for 2018
Training Session for:
All frontline practitioners who are working predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents/carers, and have particular responsibilities for safeguarding and child protection

This training course has been held.
A copy of the training slides can be found
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Learning Workshop: 'Thresholds and Escalation'
(Level 2/3)
Training Course Description:
A three-hour workshop on Thresholds and Escalation, which will cover the IOWSCB Thresholds Chart and the 4LSCB Conflict Resolution/Escalation Policy.
Presented by:
Designed and delivered by a multi-agency group of senior managers and practitioners based on the Isle of Wight.
Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand and be able to make use of the threshold criteria
  • To be aware of what constitutes a good referral, capturing the voice of the child
  • To be aware of the escalation policy
  • To develop confidence in challenging decisions
This training course has been held.
A copy of the training slides can be found here
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Reflective Practice Opportunities follow up to Sandstories Training

Training Course Description:
Sandstories has been delivered via the IOWSCB training programme for a number of years and has given practitioners a reflective space to discuss and analysis their work with families they find difficult to engage with.
The LSCB wishes to understand and evaluate the impact Sandstories has had on the professional practice and development of individuals who attended.
This two hours session is designed to give attendees the opportunity to revisit the themes of Sandstories and gaze again into the "Viewing Room" to understand what impact Sandstories may have had on their professional practice.
The session will also give attendees an opportunity to take part in a number of small reflection group discussions regarding current or previous work with families, with the aim of enabling reflection.  We would encourage attendees to bring anonymised case summaries if they wish to present them to a reflective group.

Presented by:
Calvin Wright - Workforce Development Officer, IOW Council
Vicky Kalaker - Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Children Team, IOW NHS Trust

This training course has been held
Training Course

This course has
taken place

A FREE performance for parents, carers and professionals about child sexual exploitation (CSE) 
An innovative means of illustrating how CSE can happen to young men as well as young woman, performanced by the creative team behind the hugely successful 'Chelsea's Choice'.

The play, which is followed by an actor facilitated post-show talk exploring the issues raised, was developed out of a growing need to illustrate the narrative on how CSE can affect boys & young men. It tells the story of Eddie.  At 15 years old he lost his mum to cancer, lost his dad to depression and found himself out on the street.  Whilst sleeping in a shop doorway Eddie was approached by Michael.  Michael was kind, good fun and owned a shop with an empty flat above it.  He offered Eddie the chance to stay there until he got back on his feet, but unfortunately Michael had another agenda……….
The play has proven highly effective at covering:
  • How child exploitation can and does happen to boys and young men
  • what makes a health relationship
  • what makes an unhealhty relationship
  • the grooming process, child sexual exploitation and the differing models and methods
  • where to go for help and advice
For adult audiences it also:
  • Raises awarenss of the importance of acknowledging, identifying and referring male victims of CSE
  • Raises awarenss of the importance of making referrals based on warning signs and not on gender
This training course has been held
Training Course

This course has
taken place
Teenage Sexual Behaviours Workshop
(Level 2)
Training Course Description:

This half day workshop will provide an opportunity in which to explore and consider information and views in relation to sexual relationships and behaviour between children and adolescents.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To explore the understanding and attitudes of children regarding sexual behaviour and relationships
  • To understand the legal position in relation to consent, including the age of consent, and coercive control within children’s relationships
  • To understand the legal position in relation to sexual offences against a child, including the regulations around Registered Sex Offenders and the MAPPA process.
  • To be able to consider a range of views and values pertaining to appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviour and relationships amongst children
  • To be able to identify concerns in relation to inappropriate sexual relationships, and how to share those concerns with children and their parents / carers
  • To explore the needs of children with disabilities and learning needs and appropriate relationships.
  • To understand the work of the Sexual Health Service on Isle of Wight and what support and advice is available.
  • To raise awareness of best practice and resources available for professionals.

Presented by:

  • Mandy Tyson - Designated Nurse for Safeguarding, IOW Clinical Commissioning Group
  • DI Stuart Barton – Hampshire Constabulary
  • Beverley Doncaster - Integrated Sexual Health Nurse
  • Becky Swan - Barnardo’s 
 This course date has been held
A copy of the training slides can be found here

Courses held by other providers

UK Safer Internet Centre
Online Safety

Bringing the latest in Online Safety to your doorstep.

The UK Safer Internet Centre are delivering two FREE 2 hour Online Safety updates in a venue near you. Open to all who work with children and young people, this event will give you the latest in research, legislation, technology, tools and resources along with exclusive access to the presentation and resource materials.

Tuesday 12th March 2018 - 10.30-13.00 (PosterBook here 
Tuesday 12th March 2018, 2-4.30pm (Poster) - Book here 

Location: Isle of Wight Council Community Learning Centre
Westridge, Brading Road,Ryde,PO33 1QS

Courses held by other providers

 Multi-Agency Forensic CAMHS Forum
Suitable for all practitioners and managers of the multi-agency workforce on the IOW, this open forum is an opportunity for IOW child practitioners and managers to consult with the IOW/Hampshire FCAMHS service on a variety of subjects including:
  • Discuss cases of concern/raise profes-sional queries in rela-tion to cases assessed as posing a risk to others and/or evi-dencing harmful sexu-al behaviours.
  • Explore academic or theoretical develop-ments in relation to the FCAMHS field with a view to in-creasing awareness of them and how they impact on other areas of work.
  • Agreement of ac-tions for intervention
    which may form part of plans to address or man-age risks identified.
Attendance at this forum will enable staff to:
  • Develop their knowledge and skills in relation to management of cases demonstrating a risk of serious harm to others and/or harmful sexual behaviour.
  • Development of pro-fessional networking amongst the children’s workforce in relation to complex cases.
  • Increase awareness of services available and how they might work together to manage risk.
FCAMHS is held 10am to 1pm at County Hall in the room indicated below:

14/01/19 (Room 4c) - Anxiety and aggression
18/02/19 (Room 3b) - Trauma/ACEs
18/03/19 (Room 2d) - Emotional dysregulation
08/04/19 (Room 2d) - Fitness to please
13/05/19 (Room 2d) - Psychosis
24/06/19 (Room 3c) - Latest themes
15/07/19 (Room 2d) - Fire setting
12/08/19 (Room 2d) - Violence
09/09/19 (Room 2d) - Substance misuse
14/10/19 (Room 2d) - ADHD
11/11/19 (Room 2d) - Harmful sexual behaviour
09/12/19 (Room 2d) - Latest themes

The Forum is open to anyone wishing to attend in an observation role and those who have direct cases to discuss. In both instances, please notify Charlotte Young, YOT Mental Health Nurse one week in advance on 01983 823011 or to support room booking and planning.
When attending to discuss a case, attendees are re-quired to prepare a brief case summary and be clear what they wish to get out of the discussion. Where possible, names should be notified to Charlotte Young (as above) in order that involvement checks can be completed pri-or to discussion (and in support of it).

Charlotte Young, Mental Health Nurse, YOT
(01983) 823011, 8688, Mobile; 07792 193716, e-mail: 
Courses held by other providers

Adult Safeguarding Board
DASH/RIC Training

The Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategic Partnership and Safeguarding Adults Board will be providing training for ‘front line’ service providers/staff (e.g. GP’s, community midwives, nurses, social workers, police, housing) to enable them to assess the level of risk exposed to victims and victims children when receiving disclosures of domestic violence/abuse.

Date: 2018/19 Course dates TBC

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